Goulash Soup

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Goulash Soup


This very special soup only appears maybe once a year or in this case once every 2 years!

Do not miss out on trying something you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Available in 1 Litre Glass jars

Goulash soup is full in flavour and texture and a meal in one.

There are two conflicting sides in my family on how a Goulash should be, my Great Aunt is Hungarian and my father is German and though their Goulash is equally delicious, they are worlds apart. Sorry Dad but Aunty Marika wins this time in the Goulash soup Stakes!

The most delicious Beef Broth bases this soup and it’s warming and delicious flavours.

Filled with melt in your mouth beef cooked in our broths, caramelised onions, red capsicum, parsnip, sweet carrot, parsley and sweet hungarian paprika.

We’ve left it to you if you choose to add potato or some rice or pasta

Serve with a dollop of sour cream


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