Frequently asked questions…


1. How long does my broth last if I buy it unfrozen?

There is a use by date on the lid, you should either consume by this date or freeze to extend shelf life.


2.  Should I bring it to the boil each time I consume it?

When warming your broth, you should let it roll boil just once then turn it off and let it cool for 5 mins before drinking.


3. How do I defrost a jar of frozen broth quickly, say for dinner the night I bought it?

Just add the frozen jar (lid up) into lukewarm water and as it defrosts you can make the water warmer, then using a blunt knife gently break up the still frozen bits of broth and empty into a saucepan. We suggest adding half a cup of water to your bottle and giving it a shake so any bits of broth and fat are not wasted - pour water into broth pan and warm as per instructions.


4. Can I put the hot broth back into the cold jar after warming it up? 

NO! Hot into cold and Cold (frozen) into very hot will cause an explosion and shatter the glass NEVER DO THIS!


5. If I buy a frozen broth and defrost it, how long do I have to use it? 

We say 5 days kept refrigerated and warmed per our instructions, but you will be safe with 7 days.


6. Say I find a bottle of Love and Bones Broth at the back of my freezer that I forgot about and its 3 months out of date - is it still safe to drink? 

YES! We put 6 months as a ball park but Broth will last forever frozen.


7. Why do we mix bones at Love and Bones Broth?

Traditionally (back in the good old days many moons ago), they didn’t have just one kind of bone, Bone Broth is peasant food - scraps from this and that boiled together to make a flavoursome Broth. So following tradition and my heritage, we mix bones and the outcome is like no other Bone Broth on the market.


8. Are all our ingredients Organic?

Well, technically yes! We use only in season Organic veg, unrefined salt, organic pepper, filtered water and organic (but not certified) free roaming animal bones, that are actually outside foraging and eating grass as nature intended. We use boiler hens - old laying hens who’s bones are dence like beef bones.


9. Why are our Bone Broth’s stored in glass?

We are making a product that is supposed to help your health not hinder it. It makes no sense to me to package something that we fill very hot into plastic which is guaranteed to leach. Even BPA is not safe - in some areas there is no compromise. I wouldn’t drink something like this out of plastic so why should you!


10. What do I do with my bottle of Love and Bones Broth?

Simply warm it and drink it - it's delicious as is. Or you can cook with it, add it to stews or slow cooks, absorption method with rice or quinoa, make soups with it, use it as fast food for kids dinners by cooking noodles or rice and serving with the Broth (Chicken Noodle Soup) any which way you get it into your families is good. For more recipe ideas have a look at my blog.


11. What sets our Bone Broth's apart from the others available on the market?

Well not only because we use only the very best ingredients that benefit your health and that it's sold in glass, but it tastes AMAZING!!! Why drink something that doesn't taste good when you can drink something that tastes delicious!


12. Why not just buy the Bone Broth in the supermarket that costs half the price of ours?

Firstly you'll probably be buying one that's only 500mls (half the volume of ours) and second, the ones you find on the shelves of supermarkets are mass produced, packaged in plastic pouches which are not only bad for you (remember you're drinking a health product for its healing properties),  but also bad for our environment! The ingredients they use are not sourced from healthy animals or organic vegetables, hence there will be residue from pesticides and chemicals that leech into the broth. I wouldn't even bother drinking it. When you drink Love and Bones Broth your drinking pure goodness!


13. If I heat up all the Broth in the jar, do I have to consume it all, or can I put what I don't drink back into the jar and either in the fridge or freezer for next time I need or want it?

If it's unfrozen you can freeze what you don't use for next time. If it's frozen you can store what you don't consume in the fridge for up to 5 days but we suggest not refreezing it, saying that if you cook with it - say make a bolognese, then its fine to refreeze it.

Just make sure that when putting it back into the jar, that the jar is the same temp as the soup.