Chocolate Cake - The naughty but healthy kind!

At least once a week I bake something for my kids, either for school lunches or an after school treat. 

I'm no good at following instructions or recipes, so over the years I've taught myself how to wing it when it comes to all areas of cooking, even baking! 

95 out of 100 times whatever I make is a winner and even if its not perfect some greedy person in our house will eat it anyway.

This recipe is gluten free and refined sugar free which pretty much makes it perfect.

So here goes Chocolate heaven…..

 Ingredients list:

125g Salted Butter 

1/4cup to 1/2cup of Best quality Maple syrup (depending on how sweet you like it)

1 teaspoon of Vanilla extract (Nielsen-Massey) or Ovvio vanilla powder

3 Eggs - large ones only from free roaming hens

1/4 cup of any milk - Almond, Coconut, Raw cows

1 cup of rice flour (i use demeter farm mill organic white rice flour)

1 teaspoon of good quality baking powder

1 teaspoon of Cinnamon powder 

1/4 cup of raw cacao powder (I use loving earth)

a good pinch of salt

1 block of Loving Earth salted caramel chocolate - chopped up

1/2 block of 70% or above best quality dark chocolate 

Make the cake:

Pre-heat oven to 170c (fan forced)

Line a cake tin with baking paper - I used a shallow wide loaf tin but any tin on the smaller side will work.

Beat butter and maple together till silky and fluffy like my picture.

Add vanilla - keep beating, either with hand beaters, a whisk or a kitchen aid (I used the latter)

 Make and egg face - that's a must for all cake making!

Then mix the eggs and the milk together, turn off the mixer for a second and add mixture to it. Slowly turn it on and mix till its combined and looking very curdled (a bit like my pic below) don't panic this is all going to come good - promise!

In a separate bowl sift flour, baking powder, cinnamon, cacao and salt

Turn off the kitchen aid and with a wooden spoon mix the dry into the curdled and mix well until it resembles cake batter (like my pic)

Add chopped Chocolate and mix again then transfer to your prepared cake tin.

Bake for 25 mins in your pre-heated 170c fan forced oven. Cool for 10 mins, then eat warm with thick raw cream or yoghurt or ice cream or frozen berries or simply with a cup of tea. 

Perfect for school lunches.

*Loving earth Salted Caramel chocolate contains nuts for those with allergies

©Michelle Schoeps 2015

All recipes and photos by Michelle Schoeps

Small & intimate cooking classes in my home

I've decided to do it. After much begging from my friends to teach them some of my sneaky tricks in the kitchen, I have finally juggled my family and found a few days each week in which I can hold cooking classes. I've booked our babysitter (my saving grace) Iva to watch the kids while I teach a small group of you how I feed my family!

We will make simple delicious healthy food that not only you will love, but the rest of the gang will love too!

These will not be classes where I show you how to make something look pretty on a plate (even though sometimes it will) my food is all about goodness, flavour and fueling our bodies and more importantly our children's growing bodies.

I'm starting small with two classes twice a week for a maximum of 5 people

Wednesday's from 11 - 2pm


Saturday's from  2 - 5pm

They will be held in my tiny kitchen in Paddington

Email me if you're interested and which day suits you better and I'll put you down on a list and then email you when I have 5 people for that class.

I would really love to doa class for teenagers/almost adults, so If your child is interested in food or if you want to give them some life skills in cooking, health and generally looking after themselves as they get older let me know.

The cost will be $130 per person (for adults classes) which will include hands on learning, tasting and taking home some of what we make, recipes and information of what we did on the day. The teenagers classes will be $50 for a two hour class at a time and date to be confirmed if any of them are interested.

The classes I will be looking at doing are:

Sweet treats

the benefits and uses of stocks


lunch time

kids dinners

slow cooks


stocking the freezer

frozen treats

foods for little growing bodies and brains

the basics of good nutrition for young growing minds and bodies

email me at and I will forward all details on payments and dates when the first class will begin - make sure you tell me what it is you'd be interested in learning. Mx

©Michelle Schoeps 2014

All recipes and photos by Michelle Schoeps

The beginning : Michelle Schoeps Organic

I love feeding my family incredible food. It really is my favourite thing in the whole world to do — sourcing the best seasonal ingredients, cooking, creating recipes and eating — nothing makes me happier.

If you've read my blog or follow me on Instagram you'll know I have three kids, I'm living the craziness that is family, I really know how busy it can get and so I want to share with you how easy it can be to still feed them simple, delicious, healthy food.

Why make a video? I couldn't think of a better way of showing people that even if someone as disorganised as me can get it together, anyone can! And also now I can share special easy recipes with my family and friends.

Michelle Schoeps Organic


michelle Schoeps




I need to thank my special friends and family who helped me put this together 

Joshua Heath

 best camera man in the business.

Claire Evans

producer extraordinaire and her other half

David Cannings

 for piecing this video together. 

Megan Morton

stylist to the stars and my own personal fluffer. 

 Max Doyle

 my boyfriend / DOP / father of my children. And then the monsters themselves Mima, Frank and Wilco for showing your true colours on the day, hopefully we'll see more of your magic in front of the camera in coming episodes and last but not least my personal cleaner upperer Mazzy. Without all of their expertise this would never have become a reality.

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All photos taken by Michelle Schoeps