Love & Bones Broth is a delicious, nutrient rich, healing, flavorsome liquid made with only the best quality seasonal organic ingredients and stacks of LOVE! Even though we can’t officially call ourselves organic, we only ever use the best quality organic produce, including veggies, organic or pastured/free-range chicken bones, grass fed beef bones, grass fed lamb bones and pastured/free-range pork bones. That’s pretty much it - just the very best ingredients cooked in filtered water, a splash of apple cider vinegar, a pinch of Himalayan sea salt and black peppercorns. Our broth is simmered on the lowest possible heat for 24 to 36 hours to extract all the goodness and preserve its high nutritional value. We promise it’s the most delicious broth you’ll ever taste! 



1.Why should you drink me?

I’m incredibly nourishing and restorative and packed with loads of essential vitamins and minerals.  I live by the motto. ‘A cup of broth a day, keeps the doctor away!’


2. When should you drink me? 

I’m best drunk half an hour before meals or as part of your main meal to help you better absorb other nutrients and minerals not only found in me but also in the food you’re eating. Drink me instead of a cup of tea!


3. Can I aid general food digestion?

Absolutely! Drunk alone, or in conjunction with your meal, Love & Bones Broth will help you digest your food and better absorb the goodness that you would naturally expect to be getting from an organic, wholefoods diet. Unfortunately, however, many of us have absorption issues because of myriad gut/health issues, which is where Love & Bones Broth helps by not only breaking down proteins and enzymes found in other foods, but also by boosting digestive enzymes to aid the absorption process of the broth. If you have any gut issues we suggest you speak to your health practitioner for proper advice.


4. What else am I good for? 

I will make your skin glow (because I’m high in natural collagen and good fats) andI’m also great for your joints because I’m a natural anti inflammatory. 


5. How often should I drink you?

As we said, ‘A cup of broth a day, keeps the doctor away.’ 


6. Is is safe to do a Broth Cleanse?

Yes, it is. As long as it’s practitioner approved. Our naturopath, Anthia Koullouros from Ovvio Organics, has helped us put together a 3- day cleanse for seasoned cleansers and a 14-day cleanse for beginners. All the information regarding these cleanses are under the ‘Cleanse’ section on our website.


7. How do I heat you so as not to destroy your goodness?

Simply empty the contents of your Love & Bones Broth jar into a saucepan and add half a cup of extra filtered water into the jar (so as not to waste any), give it a good shake and empty the additional water into the saucepan too. Gently bring me to the boil and then take me straight off the flame. I like to stand and cool for a minute before you taste test me and check seasoning. 


8. How else can you use me? 

You can use me instead of water for cooking vegetables, rice or pasta for simple kids meals. I’m also a great base for other delicious soups or stews, and you can even sauté potatoes or meat in me for slow cooked deliciousness.


9.How can I make you healthier?  

Traditionally bone broths were made for people recovering from bouts of illness or those in need of extra immune support. I’m a great, all-round health elixir and especially good for new mums, recovering from childbirth, and in preparation for feeding their new infants. 


10. Is there a folk law surrounding broth? That a good broth can resurrect the dead?

I’m not sure about the latter, however, bone broth has been traditionally used for thousands of years, across various countries and cultures, for its restorative and healing powers. You may have heard of names such as ‘Jewish Penicillin’, ‘Golden Elixir’ and 'Brodo', well they’re just some of the names given to bone broth over the years.