Love & Bones Broth is hands down the best Broth you will find in Australia, it is made with Love in small batches & from the freshest local organic ingredients which you can taste in every sip or when added to meals. Michelle is the Broth queen. I wouldn’t mess around buying Broth anywhere else EVER. She makes it so good so I don’t have to (haha) Being able to have this liquid gold on hand to add to my family’s meals means everyone is always being nourished 150%, no one ever gets sick. Love & Bones Broth is my medicine cabinet.
— Anna Feller
In a busy week, the bone broth is the one delivery that makes everything seem doable. I love how MSO tastes - so very different to others I have trailed and my guess is that it’s all the love she puts into making it is what I can taste.
— Megan Morton
The only problem with Michelle’s Love and Bones broth is that it disappears far too quickly in our house!
My first litre purchased was rationed out over a period of days, slowly sipped, and absorbed in rice, with not a grain going to waste. next we bought 2 litres, and they went a little quicker, then 5, which vanished in as many days!
This is absolutely the most delicious broth, and as someone with little time to spend in the kitchen these days, i appreciate it so much that Michelle can make this incredible miracle broth using the best organic ingredients, lovingly prepared for days, for all of us to enjoy!
— Liz Ham
“I was a vegetarian for 6 years. I still predominantly eat only vegetables, except over the last two weeksI have incorporated one meat product into my diet.... Michelle Schoeps’ ‘Love and Bones Broth’. I honestly feel better with every cup I have. It’s nurturing, warm and feels ethically unchallenging for me. She is literally only saving good bones from going into landfill.”
— Joshua Heath